Playing with Giants, 12

Piece description from the artist

There is a divine solitude in nature, an arresting and isolating stillness. Heaven is possible on earth. The mountains and clouds play together along with the lakes, the moon and stars. I feel small, lost in a reverence for the vast depth of infinity.

This photograph was taken in Lake Tahoe, California. The original is a panoramic digital print on aluminum, 'float mounted' and ready to hang.

Other works by Timothy Wildgoose

About Timothy Wildgoose

Portland, OR

There is beauty in the mundane. That is the sole thread that weaves Timothy's work together. It aims not to capture moments to cling to the past but to inspire you into the present moment, to fall in love with its glorious details. To fall into a vast reverence for the depths of this moments beauty, exactly as it is. No moment is ordinary, each a masterpiece. Life is a perfection marred by just enough tarnish to keep us in a wild goose chase.

Timothy Wildgoose is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer living in Portland, Oregon. He considers still photography an opportunity to experiment and develop his image making craft and prefers shooting on medium format and 35mm film.

See Timothy's portfolio here

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