Piercing Sunset

Piece description from the artist

Wading in water to capture the beauty of the sun behind the Huntington Beach Pier.

Other works by Ashley Berger-Rivera

About Ashley Berger-Rivera

Lakewood, CA

I got my passion for photography while taking a Forensic Science class where my instructor suggested we take a photography class to get familiar with a camera since we will need those skills to take pictures of crime scenes. I took a basic Black and White Photography class with my partner-in-crime Stephanie Rodriguez, fell in love with it and the rest is history.

Photography has opened my mind to see new things. It is interesting how much we miss in our day to day lives. I look through my lens and see something completely different then somebody standing next to me does. I want my work to inspire everyone to look at things a little differently and to not take advantage of the world we live in. Sure, I’m just a mostly self-taught amateur photographer, but art is art and I’m learning more each time I press my shutter.

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