Peek a Boo Nicole

Piece description from the artist

little Nicole paying Pick a boo on the tulips field

Other works by Blanca Plata

About Blanca Plata

Portland, OR

Blanca Plata was born in Mexico, and has been living in Portland, Oregon since 2006.

When she was four years old and saw her first art education program, Blanca was convinced she would be an artist. She has always been fascinated by the colors of her surroundings, but underwater life, fairytales and spiritualism inspire her the most.

In 1989, Blanca earned a degree in fine arts from Real Academia San Carlos in Mexico city, where she gained experience in painting, sculpture, installation, and art restoration. After that, she continued her painting education at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada.

Her latest collection, "Children's Dreams," is inspired by her own children and their friends.

See Blanca's portfolio here

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