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Persistence of Time

Persistence of Time

Piece description from the artist

On my way through the rose garden at Ringling Bros Fl, I made the mistake in taking the
wrong path to the Ca'd Zan Mansion. A transport vehicle carrying visitors, came zooming by me
as I ducked into the bushes to get out of it's way. To my surprise, I bumped into this amazing sight!
Had I fallen down "the rabbit" hole?

I built the frame in photoshop, from broken pieces of terra cotta urns that were lying about.
I also photographed an ancient stone bench near by, to use as it's border, and in Coral Painter
I created the vine weaving in & out of the frame, as if it came out from the seine itself.

I could have named the image "Cupid, prisoner of Love". Instead "Persistence of Time"
seemed more honest?