Perpendicular Parallels #7

Piece description from the artist

Limited Edition of 2 + 1 Artist Proof, C-Print Archival Print face-mounted to acrylic panel by Finishing Concepts, Los Angeles. The face-mounting process involves a permanently smooth fusion of the print and acrylic. By using a special adhesive, an airtight bond is created with no air bubbles, fixing the print with its front side to the back of the UV-resistant sheet of acrylic. Any light reflections between the photograph and the glazing of an ordinary frame is eliminated, thus increasing image sharpness, contrast and color saturation. The brilliant and intense look is supported by a protective back layer which is attached to a recessed back frame which serves as a spacer between the image and the wall, providing the impression of the photograph to be hanging in the air. No additional framing is necessary.

“Perpendicular Parallels #7” is part of Field-Sells’ dry panel series which included several months of preparation. 5×5″ art panels were hand brushed with several layers of metallic acrylic, then graphite enamel or photo-irridescent liquid is applied on top. The panels are light treated over several hours with strong UV bulbs. Once the piece is complete, Field-Sells photographs the panels in specific lighting environments that adjust the texture and color of the piece. This final work is presented as a C-Print Photograph Face-mounted to Acrylic Panel, in a limited edition of 2 + 1 Artist Proof, while the original art panels are either destroyed or reused for new works.

“Perpendicular Parallels #7” is part of a larger series which explore calculated geometric forms above naturally textured organic planes.

Other works by Garet Field Sells

About Garet Field Sells

Los Angeles, CA

Photographer and creative director Garet Field Sells lives and works in Los Angeles, California. While specializing in portraiture of creative talent, Field-Sells' fine art photographs explore texture, shape and intimate details within our environment while also deeply exploring a fascination with raw human emotions. A mixture of these two interests form his current direction in photography as well as new mixed-media panel works.

Garet co-founded "Installation Magazine":, the #1 contemporary art magazine designed for the iPad. Acting as creative director, he constantly explores narratives that juxtapose emerging artists and international luminaries working in a variety of media.

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