Path through the trees

Path Through the Trees

Piece description from the artist

In a similar style to other pieces of nature that I have done, this piece is a look at the path that leads us through the trees into the unknown. We trust the path simply because it is there. We do not, in most cases, know what is around every corner, which is certainly true in our lives. The fence usually serves as a barrier but in this case is opened to this path we do or do not choose to take.

Other works by Clayton O'Brien

About Clayton O'Brien

Chicago, IL

Clayton's earliest artistic inspiration came from the the works of "Norman Rockwell": After seeing Rockwell's work, and studying the art and artists of our past from every school and movement, Clayton realized that anything is possible on canvas and exploring those possibilities and complexities is a rewarding, life-long process.

Throughout his experiences, Clayton has learned that if you challenge yourself with confidence, explore new techniques and reveal new avenues to express yourself…great things will happen.

Some of his pieces reflect the influence of where he grew up while others reflect the places and people that he has encountered. The artists' portfolio of work contains elements that are rooted in his range of emotional freedom expressed on canvas and his perspective of the simple beauty of the existence of life through nature, color and being.

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