Passing Through

Piece description from the artist

This is a painting of two trees in sharp focus, against a seemingly moving background, creating the illusion of movement.

Other works by Patty Neal

About Patty Neal

Brooklyn, NY

Patty Neal is an artist currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She was born and raised in Northern California and for years had a studio in San Francisco at Hunters Point Shipyard, an artists community.
She has always made art; drawing, pen and ink, etching and painting. Her mother was a painter and Patty sat often as a model for her. In return, her mother's art served as inspiration for her to become an artist. She paints in oils.
Because life is an accumulation of experiences; visual, emotional and mental, Patty expresses this in her work by using multiple panels or segmenting a single panel into separate visual spaces. The works are made up of pieces or elements of city and landscape; often combining images from different contexts into a single image. She is particularly interested in light and its effect on creating a sense of time, place or even memory.

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