Paper or Plastic One

Piece description from the artist

The beauty of brown paper bags and a fresh head of cabbage

Other works by Andrea Kemler

About Andrea Kemler

Newton, MA

Andrea creates artwork using a large format scanner as her “camera.” She begins each piece by arranging materials directly on the flatbed. Scanned images are then captured digitally on her computer. Most of Andrea's work is created using a number of scanned files, sometimes by incorporating disparate elements into a single image.

Andrea’s process resembles one used by architects, who until recently, designed using layers of tracing paper and pen (or pencil), making fine adjustments to details and layouts; a very fluid and track-able process. Her current work is created similarly and this comes as no surprise, as she studied and practiced architectural design for more than ten years. She composes each piece using many digital layers, sometimes using a thin layer as a digital “wash”, other times creating a base for a still life using a scan of crumpled paper, etc.

Andrea’s artwork also naturally reflects architectural precepts that she has internalized over the years: scale, structure, flow (in these images, purely visual), texture, proportion, and color relationships.

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