Paco pena

Paco Pena

Piece description from the artist

An AI 'brain' was trained over the course of a few days on select 20th century portraits. One of the resulting portraits was this faceless image which has a classic feel. The character feels to me like one of those gentlemen who sit in the back of the Pena (flamenco hall) as the guitar plays and a woman moves about the small floor.

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About Michael Powers

Wailuku, HI

Michael Powers is an artist based in Maui. His works include oil paintings and images generated from individually trained AI 'brains' that create new work at the boundaries of artistic expression. As one of the few artists exploring the new medium of neural networks, Michael weaves his unique combination of painting experience and software design skills to handcraft images that explore how the computer sees us.

Michael was an early member of the founding team at YouTube where he explored how computer algorithms could select and elevate the best videos. In this new era of smart networks that are learning to drive cars, create viral memes and master other skills that we once believed only people could do well he asks the question in his artwork, 'how do we partner with computers that are starting to express themselves artistically?'

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