Out on the town

Out on the Town

Piece description from the artist

Two men ready to go out on the town in the North End, Boston.

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About Morgan Anderson

Brookline, MA

Chicago-native Morgan Anderson moved out to Boston to pursue graduate studies at Boston University. Her photography often focuses on human subjects and travel photography, though she also has experience with portrait, engagement, and wedding photography as well. Travel prints of hers have been sold at Michigan art boutiques.

Morgan has traveled to and studied Spanish in Peru and Mexico. She has also traveled in Europe, having visited Norway, London, Berlin, Munich, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, and Salzburg. An avid hiker, Morgan frequently takes her camera with her on hikes.

As an artist with a background in language, Morgan is particularly interested in the intertextual relationship between text and image. She is also intrigued by the relationship between how we, as individuals, draw identity from what we love and what we hate. For example, if art is objective, then why is opera considered high-brow culture and reality TV low-brow? Her favorite poem is "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer" by John Keats, which is about one's world suddenly expand upon being exposed to a new perspective.

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