Orange burst

Orange Burst

Piece description from the artist

Mixed media painting of a tree upon a 2-inch thick gallery-wrapped canvas with painted sides. Multiple tools including brushes, rags, and palette knives were used to create this painting, resulting in texture and interest throughout the piece. Sitting upon an oil-based painted underlay of a tree, branches and roots, the leaves of the tree were created with splatters, flings and drips of acrylic and household paints, resulting in a lively and colorful scene – one that is sure to capture the attention of its viewers.

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About Ben Kelley

Saint Louis, MO

Ben Kelley is a St. Louis-based artist whose work has been featured locally, in various offices and local art fairs, as well as internationally, notably for his cover art published on famed Dutch writer Nescio’s Titaneller.

I'm a fan of both experimentation and variety. Not surprisingly, my paintings often vary in theme from conceptual and meaningful, to colorful and expressive. I enjoy the discovery part of the creative process and how to communicate and connect with viewers through a visual medium. Often times, when I feel that I've accomplished a form of communication in a particular fashion, I end up challenging myself to find a new way to express an idea or emotion. It's this challenge that keeps me motivated and why I know my passion for artistic expression will always fuel my desire to create.

If you like what you see , or if you have any questions about my work, feel free to contact me. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my artwork.

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