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Piece description from the artist

This piece was inspired by a trip with Alison to Okinawa, Japan last April. We had just left a small pottery store to pick up some pottery we had made the week before. We were making the long walk back through an endless sugar cane field, and it occured to me that if we stood still and remained silent, the only sounds were the rustle of the sugar cane blowing with the sea breeze, and the faint crashing of waves in the distance. There was not another person for miles, no cars in sight or earshot, no radios, no TVs. It’s a very rare occasion when you get to enjoy the presence of the one you love in such a simple and perfect atmosphere. It makes me wish I was surrounded by such simplicity more often.

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About Christopher Clark

Denver, CO

Christopher Clark specializes in oil paintings of many subjects: romance, dancing, music, Italy, animals, and cityscapes. His impressionist style is compelled by bold brushwork, brilliant colors, and a luminous sense of light.

Christopher Clark has studied art his entire life, ever since he was a boy watching Bob Ross painting shows on TV (that wacky guy with the afro painting "happy little trees"). His art studies and travels have taken him all over the world in pursuit of culture, art knowledge, and painting subjects.

Christopher's favorite subject to paint is light itself, meaning anything becomes a beautiful subject if the light is stunning. Christopher's paintings are collected all over the world, and he is available for commissions of all kinds.

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