only two eggs

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Only two eggs

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About Livia Moen

Harstad, Norway

Livia Moen has developed her photographic eye through an Internet based journey of self-education. While residing in Vaxholm, Sweden, her education in Computer Science led to a decade long specialization focusing on information management within Geographic Information Systems. It was her experience working with raster map analysis that in no small part gave rise to her interest in photography. While it was the technical aspects of photography that sparked her earliest interest, it is the artistic elements that fuel the fire of her continuing passion for it. She considers photography to be the consummation of the union between technology and art. The taking of technically perfect photos that are otherwise hollow and devoid of further expression leaves her unsatisfied. It is the blending of skill with the desire and ability to capture a particular image which conveys a specific feeling that displays simplicity or complexity in what might otherwise seem as a mundane detail that brings her fulfillment. She prefers to take pictures that require minimal post-processing; instead she focuses on the elegant simplicity of a few colors, a single significant element such as a reflection or an unexpected combination of objects or details.

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