One Fish Two Fish

Piece description from the artist

"One Fish, Two Fish".

This started as a practice run/study idea for a larger canvas, and then I took a few unplanned paths and just started letting the lines find their destinations. I am infatuated with koi and pond fish. I can sit for hours gazing off into the water, watching them gently glide and weave through their habitat. Watching them brings a calm like no other. Needless to say I had lots of fun painting this one, also with lots of lessons…er, happy accidents with layering and acrylic washes. It probably would have been easier to paint this in oils, I imagine. But I’m totally pleased with how this came out.

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About Joelle Cathleen

Stafford, VA

While studying studio art at Mary Washington College, Joelle discovered her personal definition of art when she experienced the work of artist Andrew Wyeth. It wasn't the images and scenes that inspired her, but rather how she responded to them, discovering a connection within her soul; it wasn't the physical beauty of his work, but what they represented to her as an individual. In that moment, Joelle realized that she wanted to do the same with her own work, arresting motion for her viewers.

Joelle believes that art is an enigma that lives and breathes inside every human being, waiting to be fostered into various modes of expression. Regardless of whether it's something heard, seen, smelled, felt or even dreamed, art is an inspiring force void of physical representations. Art is a response, from both the artist and the viewer. It is personal and unique and that is what makes art so difficult to officially define. Art is what each individual makes of it. Whether it summons a faded memory, fear, vision, inspiration or even a simple nod and a smile, art is born when the gratification of the artist's intent is met with the personal response of the viewer. Nevertheless, the soul's response is what ultimately defines art.

As an artist, Joelle's purpose is to communicate; to reveal something new in what we as a society see, hear, think and feel around ourselves every day.

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