On being left behind

on being left behind.

Piece description from the artist

a study of a modern day hiroshima.

as they stepped down into the shelter, they hurried to the shelf with the supplies. cobwebs had gathered, creating a pattern mimicking the jet planes flying overhead in zigzag formations.

"there is only one left. only one gas mask," she said.

it was known that even if you were in a shelter, a gas mask was required if you even wanted a slight chance of living.

"please, take it. i'll be fine," he said.
"i can't. i don't want you to die."

suddenly, her eyes glanced to the door above as the sounds of jet planes overheard stretched across the sky and the falling of bombs ricocheted off the buildings, the trees, and through their very bones. slowly, grabbing his hand, she began ascending the stairs.

"i'm not leaving you behind."

Other works by Casey David

About Casey David

Minneapolis, MN

Casey David is a self-taught photographer from Birmingham, Alabama, though he has recently relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota. He finds magic in the surreal and creates images of magical realism by bringing every day inanimate objects to life. With the worlds he creates, he hopes to spark hope in others that magic still exists in this one.

His fine art photography has been featured in various magazines, online and off, including The Huffington Post, Italian Vogue, and the BBC.

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