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Old Growth - Tree of Life 2

Old Growth - Tree of Life 2

Piece description from the artist

Tree of life motifs are often used as symbols for diversity and the resilience of interconnected systems. Trees themselves mirror these properties. We’re only beginning to recognize the importance of old growth trees and forests in rooting the entire forest ecosystem. Older trees have an impact that newly planted replacements will not attain for decades – sometimes centuries. As deforestation and even forest management have allowed the loss of these trees, the warp and weft of the forests ecological fabric is weakened and threatens to unravel.

The tree in this mixed media painting is fairly literal. The use of white creates a negative space. The soft ghostly outer limbs of the tree combine with the negative space to create an impression of absence, fading. At the same time, plaster soaked textile media create a substantive trunk, suggesting an anchor point.

Sculpted plaster cloth forms the raised areas. Coiled string was added for detailed texture, and to create a transition between the trunk and smaller branches.

Marbelized pools and softly raised textures were created by pouring liquid and gel media and striping color through the wet media. Splashes of water and a little gravity helped get the colors to move and intertwine.

String gel swung into wet media was used to create the soft linear patterns