Ocracoke light reflected on silver lake

Ocracoke Light Reflected on Silver Lake

Piece description from the artist

Silver Lake is the hub of Ocracoke Village, and the lighthouse is a visual anchor as you walk around the lake – and as you sail into the harbor. This classic black and white image captures a scene familiar to all who have spent time on Ocracoke. The calm of the early morning reminds me of the peace that comes when I arrive on our favorite island.

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About Elizabeth Albro

Arlington, VA

Liz Albro is a talented photographer, scientist, and writer who is passionate about capturing beauty through the lens of her Nikon, both in the great outdoors and in the urban jungle. Liz skillfully captures the contrasts and textures, fragility and resilience of the natural world, as well as the hidden beauty of the city. She brings her scientific curiosity and analytical mind to her art, and is always seeking new perspectives on the familiar.

Liz's images have been featured in numerous publications, and her artistry has been recognized by her peers in the photography community. Her photographs are a testament to the beauty of both nature and the man-made world, and a reminder of the importance of appreciating the world around us.

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