Piece description from the artist

Part of the "Twisted Cities" series- this is one of (5) pieces created to show Manhattan. Five different views of Manhattan are included in this series and they were "twisted" in my drawing, meaning that not all of them are situated on the page with North being at the top. Done in a muted grey color palette, the series was based on my experience traveling to New York during winter, when the snow had melted into a frozen slush and the gravel and soot had mixed in with the snow to make everything appear as though it was covered in a grey wash. I felt that it was representational of that period in late winter when everyone is eagerly awaiting the spring sun.

Other works by Jennifer Carland

About Jennifer Carland

Hendersonville, TN

Jennifer Carland is an artist who works with mixed media to create abstracted versions of aerial views and city maps. The work that she creates is loosely based on real geography and is abstracted so that the shapes, line, and color of the maps are altered to create a unique piece of artwork, showing an artistic representation of a real place.

Jennifer works with a variety of artistic materials and is fascinated by aerial views of the world around her. Each finished piece that she creates is of a map carefully selected for its geographical attributes and visual appeal then altered to create a unique piece of artwork. The finished product is a combination of hand-drawn and digitally altered images with many layers of colors and textures. The focus of her work is on interpreting the lines and shapes of a city map and changing the purpose of a map from utilitarian to conceptual. She intends to make the viewer think about their own place in relation to what is around them and appreciate the beauty in both the built and natural environments.

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