Nako streets

Nako Streets

Piece description from the artist

A view of the spiraling streets that dissect the small Himalayan town of Nako. According to Himalayan Buddhism, it is said of this place that Padmasambhava (venerated as the second Buddha) came from Nako and it is there that you will find a large impression of his foot displayed in small building near the town's center. Nako exists at just over 12,000 ft. with a sacred lake (Nako Lake) that has been personally blessed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

All photography available in sizes different from the original upon request.

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About Ryan Mitchell

Saint Petersburg, FL

Ryan Mitchell brings you the world—from Himalayan mountain villages to Haitian streets. His photography is an attempt to bring “home” that which is exotic and seemingly unreachable, while showcasing the common humanity and shared existence between cultures near and abroad. He hopes that, through his imagery, viewers can see themselves among the mountains, the smiles, the agriculture, and the human experience and thus foster a collective reality across myriad cultural divides.

Ryan wears many hats: full-time firefighter paramedic, anthropologist, world traveler, humanitarian (he served in Haiti two weeks after the 2010 earthquake), musician, and photographer. He most recently took the grand prize as well as the prize for landscape photography in the USF World International Photography Competition.

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