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My Dream: Why Destroy...

My Dream: Why Destroy...

Piece description from the artist

This painting is inspired by a recent dream…looks like a nightmare. At first, I really did not know what scripture went with my dream. Ezekiel 9:9-11. The dream woke me up. It was not a pretty dream. I saw Middle Eastern buildings on the left and right of me. In front of me was blood flowing forward as if it was going over a waterfall. Then a skeleton head arose, facing me on the other side in front of the flowing blood. The right side of the skull was charred. Then a scroll of words went from my right to the left behind the skull but in font of a large object or a building in the background. The words were "Why destroy the very substance that awakens you?" This haunted me and I redrew what I saw several times. There was a disaster in Iraq the night of my dream, where over 120 people were killed when Al Qaeda reclaimed the second largest city in Iraq. I thought maybe this occurrence had to do with my dream. This started my studies/research and my pastor told me to go to Ezekiel and look up dry bones. My husband said the blood is the covering. A friend said it may relate to chemical warfare. During my studies, I was very emotional and could hardly read Ezekiel 37 without tears flowing. It is about Ezekiel's vision/prophecy, about resurrection and restoration. It think it is also about God leading me to my purpose…spiritual paintings to reach others. I am on a new journey in art.

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21.0" x 13.0"
Soft Chalk Pastels on Suede Board

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