Music is good for the soul

Music is good for the soul

Piece description from the artist

This piece is very happy and joyful.
When you look at this art, it makes you want dance. I poured resin on it, but very different this time. It looks like running water is going down the picture.

Other works by Michelle Ghiselin

About Michelle Ghiselin

Austin, TX

Michelle Ghiselin considers her work to be a combination of contemporary style art and a unique vision. She uses high quality materials to create work that reflects her personal perceptions and influences.

Michelle has always been creative, writing stories, sewing, and acting in performing arts classes. After working in the medical field for almost fifteen years, and having a baby, Michelle found a way to express her creativity through visual art.

Her work is often inspired by fond, childhood memories that are often triggered by color, music and mediation. Michelle uses a variety of materials, including wood, glitter, and resin, and currently works in large house with beautiful view.

See Michelle's portfolio here

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