Mr. Twister

Piece description from the artist

This piece is part of a new endeavor for me which breaks from my usual medium (painting). This piece is one which draws from my early studies in architecture and later graphic design for consumer goods packaging. I am increasingly attracted to contemporary images.

Other works by Robert Nall

About Robert Nall

Manhattan Beach, CA

Bob studied art and design throughout his school and college years, and eventually chose graphic design as a career. Recently retired, Bob served as the head of "Mattel Toys': package design groups for over thirty years. Now that he is retired, Bob is able to devote all his time to his lifelong passion, painting and graphic design.

Hawaii and the southwestern United States have always been inspirational for Bob because of the light and texture that can be found in these regions. Artists that have inspired him and influenced his work are "Monet":, "Van Gogh":, "Sargent": and "Wayne Thiebaud":

Recently Bob has been refocusing on graphic design. His 'graphic' pieces reflect his facination with shape, color and space. Early in his college career he studied architecture which pops up in his designs from time to time. Bob sees his divergent styles to be complimentary to each other and gives him a chance to play in several artistic arenas.

He and his wife, Catherine live in Manhattan Beach, a tiny beachside suburb of Los Angeles.

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