Morning glory portland

Morning Glory Portland

Piece description from the artist

My paintings start out in nature where I photograph the brilliant structures, textures and colors. While I usually photograph landscapes, Oregon has some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the US. I was so taken by the natural colors and textures in each flower that I narrowed my lens and captured simple landscapes found in each of these flowers.

When I return to the studio and begin painting I use a pallet knife to capture the essence of the structure and color that I've found. Building up paint and combining various colors in each stroke I create balance and movement as I try to mimic what I see in nature.

Other works by Alicia D. Hartzell

About Alicia D. Hartzell

Hermoa Beach, CA

Alicia grew up in the beautiful city of Austin. She earned her BA in Art from St. Edwards University. After graduating she settled at East Austin Studio, Pump Project Art Complex. It is her belief that art, like any passionately pursued thing in life, courses through your existence like nourishment to the soul. This makes it hard for her to be settled without an artistic outlet.

Traveling has played a significant roll in the artistic process. Her destinations and adventures act as her subjects. While traveling she photographs and then uses her pictures as a means of sketching. Her love for the classic "Impressionist": and "Expressionists": paintings by the masters inspire her. Through that inspiration she chooses to use only a pallet knife to create the spontaneous strokes and texture making her abstract glimpse of the world come to life.

Now Alicia acts as Co-Chair and Committee Member of Art City Austin and Artist Pump Project Art Complex.

See Alicia D.'s portfolio here

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