Mesa arch sun flare 2

Mesa Arch Sun flare 2

Piece description from the artist

Mesa Arch is a pothole arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah just outside of Moab. To capture the glow of Mesa Arch, I had to wake up at 2 AM and prepare to hike about a half-mile in the dark to the arch. It is an extremely popular photography location and if you are late, you will not have a location to capture the sunrise moment. In fact, we had one guy run-up last second and run in front of all of us (needless to say, there were a lot of unhappy photographers).

We all stood there shoulder to shoulder with our tripods waiting for the moment. Once we got our shots, we all moved around to get different angles. I've never experienced a location shoot like it before or since.

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About Beth Sheridan

The Woodlands, TX

Born in 1975 in Hammond, Indiana, Beth Sheridan had a humble beginning to life, homeless, and quickly removed by the state into foster care, she now resides outside Houston, Texas working as both an aerospace engineer and artist. She was adopted into a family where her father’s love of photography quickly began to influence her artistic eye.

Sheridan has studied under many known-names in the photographic community including Nevada Weir, Joel Grimes, Michael Sebastian, Michael Clark, David Black, Scott Kelby, Nicole S. Young, and Rene Johnson just to name a few. Beth Sheridan has also studied under some of NASA’s top photographers; it is their role to both capture the technical work of the agency as well as to teach our Nation’s astronauts how to document the earth during their tours on the International Space Station.

In 2016, after a life-long battle with chronic illnesses that had manifested as everything from severe upper respiratory illness and hospitalizations, surgeries on her legs and ankles and even cervical cancer Sheridan was finally diagnosed with a primary immunodeficiency disorder called Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID). This deficiency is related to “Bubble Boy Syndrome” though not as severe. Sheridan has found photography to be her healing meditation for much of her life and feels that without both her engineering side and her artistic side, she cannot be whole.

Employing a variety of techniques inspired by her engineering education, Sheridan explores photographic themes ranging from cultural identity, to tradition and heritage, to place and light. Her diverse works encompass digitally manipulated landscapes and narrative documentaries to still-life executed in a variety of styles, including painterly, color photography, and abstract. To Sheridan, it is the story of the image or series that is important as opposed to the genre or technique for the art piece. The technique employed for each piece or series is carefully chosen and crafted to tell the specific story to be portrayed.

Though best known for her detailed, and life-like, landscapes, Sheridan first made her artistic debut in the 2010s with an award-winning series of documentary-style photographs on women at work in Nepal. These early works featured a group of women on the banks of a crocodile-infested Nepalese river carrying grasses and reeds, back to their villages. This series was important to Sheridan as she was there speaking to students about science, technology, engineering, and math. This was a time when Nepal was fighting for constitutional rights for women’s education. To see these women working in perilous conditions was a stark juxtaposition to the argument Nepal’s government was undergoing on women’s educational rights at the time. Sheridan continues to intrigue her fans with meticulously crafted works inspired by current events as seen through the lens of an artist/engineer’s eye with topical documentary art as well as landscapes that tell the story of life as she sees it.

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