Mercury tide

Mercury Tide

Piece description from the artist

This was on the Washington state coast and while I was attempting to get the shot the tide had turned and started coming in. So my buddy started scrambling in an attempt to make a sort of dam in front of me with drift wood that he found near us. We managed to keep the water at bay just long enough for me to get the shot and yet I still ended up soaked from the knees down. I always say it's the thought that counts anyway!

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About Matthew Brewster

Gansevoort, NY

Matthew is a 25-year-old photographer from Glasgow, Scotland and currently resides in the US. Matthew is an avid outdoorsman, and a self proclaimed nature nerd who absolutely loves to travel. What started as a simple boredom cure quickly developed into a passion and for the past 6 years, Matthew has not left home without a camera. He frequently takes photography trips across the country as well as out of the country to his favorite place to photograph, Scotland. As a self taught photographer, his career has been filled with many ups and downs, trying to discover what his main focus was with his art. Of course, being such a big fan of the outdoors, it seems only natural that his speciality would end up being landscapes. His goal with his work is to make the viewer feel like they experienced the scene first hand, to make them feel like they are there. Matthew hopes to one day make the move back to Scotland and make photography his full time career.

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