Marlin of mechaniquatica

Marlin of Mechaniquatica

Piece description from the artist

A series that I have put together reflecting the wide ranging endangered species act of 1973 that was signed into law to protect species and the ecosystems upon which they depend. And to draw attention to the mass gross polluting of our oceans by big oil corporations. This image is cropped from the original version which measures 48 × 24 inches.

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About Jk McGreens

Ft Myers, FL

J.K. McGreen’s paintings are a unique look at the world through his own imaginative eyes. It is his simple spontaneity that captures the hearts of those who must have his art. Based in Florida because he must be near the sea, amongst the waves, sand, sea breezes and storms is where he feels at home. First a tattoo artist, JK has progressed through expressions as an artist in several different mediums but maintain his own imaginative realist style and retro-futuristic subject matter.

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