Piece description from the artist

Walking up the canyon in the fall, the branches started to look like dryad faces.

Other works by Todd Powelson

About Todd Powelson

Salt Lake City, UT

In Todd Powelson’s mind, he is the embodiment of Picasso’s Minotaur – horned, ring-nosed, and smoking puffs of visible breath. You may witness this gentle giant standing in line at the bank like an ordinary man, but don’t be fooled. Todd lives in a world like Narnia, and you have a standing invitation to pass through the back bedroom coat closet entrance into it – through his paintings.

Todd’s work has grabbed the attention of numerous galleries, as well as Adobe, the largest design, photography and illustration software company in the world. Todd is among the first digital artists to push Adobe Ideas, an iPad art application, to its limits. His effort has led to publicity on Adobe’s blogs, Facebook pages and story bank. Todd uses new media to explore concepts such as nudes, mythology and archetypes.

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