Maelstrom harts

Maelstrom Harts

Piece description from the artist


This particular series deals with alternate pasts, unforeseen futures, depravity of humanity, mechanical objects, foreign landscapes, and the sequestration of progressive human intentions. We live in a world bound by connectivity which is almost always fortified through invention and
technology. Evolution and our process of sensing our surroundings is merely incubated in all catalysts of technical development. Although our mind-shape is expanding through vibrations of cause and effect, science, as well as the cosmic, macro and micro we are experiencing our
surroundings numbified by our constant installment of so called technological advancements. Through time and space we transcend in our intuitive and delicate nature via the hub of consciousness that is today. Planets, virtual epochs, archaic meditations, and du psuedomutations bious all align to create tones of irreal but nonetheless naturalistic strands of reality.

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About Nick Beery

Seattle, WA

Nick Beery, also known as Beery Method, has experience with a variety of creative disciplines, including fine art, photography, illustration, and graphic design. Thanks to his work with commercial and private label apparel manufacturers, graphics novelists and publishers, the action-sports industry, record labels, and various other independent project commissioners, his original imagery is available in an array of media.

Beery employs his skills as a freelance artist to a diversity of independent creatives. His work runs the gamut from sexy female portraiture TO surreal alien landscapes, to anthologies of undead-zombies and hobo-eater character.

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