Ma petite guerriere

Ma Petite Guerriere

Piece description from the artist

"Ma Petite Guerriere" is my most personal piece. The image, a pelvis superimposed by a butterfly paints my ordeals with a tumor (once deemed cancerous) that was found growing on my pelvic bone. The butterfly symbolizes the hope and peace of mind that helped me through this period in my life.

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About Hassan Nicholas

Los Angeles, CA

Hassan Nicholas is a self-taught artist born to Haitian and American parents from the Little Ethiopia neighborhood of West Los Angeles. His work consists of playful images interpreted with charcoal, pencil, ink, crayon and at times photography and digital imaging. Currently, Hassan hosts avant-garde art exhibitions around Los Angeles, which feature local emerging artists and talent.

Excerpt from KCET Artbound article…
'For 29 year-old non-profit executive, Hassan Nicholas, the creation of L.A.undry, a quarterly guerrilla-styled takeover event that involves transforming a downtown laundromat into an exhibit space during their peak business hours, was organic. "You work with what you have," Nicholas says, "whether that be someone's wall, a trash dumpster, or laundromat."

Moonlighting as a self-taught multimedia artist, he says that L.A.undry was born after years of struggle. "I'd submit my work [to museums] and get no response. There are reasons why you don't see art galleries in low-income areas. This is why I have a profound appreciation for graffiti and other displays of 'street art.' It is a response to an environment that hasn't formally set up outlets for creative expression."'

See Hassan's portfolio here

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