Piece description from the artist

This portrait was painted from life in one sitting. Sun-thickened linseed oil was added to the paint, giving the work a lovely glossy, translucent and vibrant finish.

Other works by Natalie Lundeen

About Natalie Lundeen

Clearwater, FL

Natalie Lundeen was born in Los Angeles in 1987, where she currently lives and works. She taught herself to paint with watercolors when she was 14, and with the help of a tall stack of library books, she moved on eventually to oil and pastel.

Natalie paints for the joy of creating and because she loves to put more beauty into the world. she enjoys doing something that enhances the lives of others and gives them a break from day-to-day life.

Natalie started her art education at "Mission: Renaissance": in Pasadena, where she learned traditional methods of drawing and oil painting, and continued refining her skills in painting the human portrait and figure in the studio of noted LA artist "Joseph Todorovitch":—-solo-exhibition-set-to-debut-at-wendt-gallery-56506072.html. I am pleased to be a member of the California Art Club.

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