Piece description from the artist

From the "Out of Our Element" series, based on underwater photographs. "Lure" is from a photo from a cave dive in Central America. In this series try to render the images exactly as they appear in the photos, which are too fantastical to invent.

Other works by Alexa De Los Reyes

About Alexa De Los Reyes

Amherst, MA

Alexa rekindled a childhood passion for painting in her twenties and she now paints in fits and bursts while also working as an intuitive energy healer. Alexa has studied various techniques and theories at Massachusetts College of Art and the School of Visual Art in NY. She alternates between abstract and representational work and finds inspiration in subject matter that contains an inherent visual metaphor; an unexpected connection to other objects and ideas. Alexa has shown her work in NY, PA, MA, DC, and Puerto Rico, and she recently moved to Amherst, MA with her husband and two sons.

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