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Lost Papers (and Urban Plans)

Lost Papers (and Urban Plans)

Piece description from the artist

I envision "Lost papers" as a way to depict the embodied spirit of the Big Dig – an ambitious monster accidentally devouring parts of Boston. And all those blueprints flying around in the breeze.

This painting is a variation on ways to combine the very graphic dark lines and jewel toned colors of some of my recent abstracts with the detailed clashing colors of my geometric color field inspired work.

A geometric pattern in dark tarry impasto lines suggests buildings and a city at a street level view with significant distortions in perspective. Washes of jewel toned color set off the linear pattern, but are offset to create clashing regions of space. Tiny squares bring the wash areas together while at the same time creating intense juxtapositions of color. The effect is sometimes harmonious, sometimes musical, and sometimes shocking and jarring reflecting the colors of street life. The title refers to the overall urban plan of the painting, the fact that plans on paper rarely predict the reality of the built environment (at least not in my city), and the idea of life on the edge of chaos as jarring yet invigorating.