Lost ii

Lost II

Piece description from the artist

The designs in the Lost series are made from pages of discarded books cut into the Linear A script. Linear A was the writing system of the Minoan civilization (2700 BC – 1450 BC) on Crete. The language behind the script has been lost, it remains undeciphered.

Other works by Lisa Eisenbrey

About Lisa Eisenbrey

Austin, TX

Lisa Eisenbrey came to visual art from a background in fiction writing. The medium has changed, but storytelling remains the guiding force behind her work. Her work provides a framework for ambiguous narratives that leave room for the viewer to fill in the stories.

With her cut and paste collage, she liberates characters and settings from vintage material and gives them new life in re-contextualized scenes. In her photography, she captures moments that provoke questions.

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