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Art is special. It is not like a car, a washing machine or a pair of sneakers; simple commodities that wear out over time. Art is quite the opposite. With each exchange of hands the value of art increases. As art is shared by more and more people, its power grows.

How does this happen?

When art is shared, the artist’s vision becomes further etched in the world. Quite simply, as more people see the art, the art commands a bigger place in the world.

Think about the way we use the term “gifted” to describe a talented artist. Think about the artwork itself as the gift. Think about sharing the gift.

What is art worth? A lot.

Other works by Bill Liebeskind

About Bill Liebeskind

New York, NY

Bill Liebeskind has been making art for over 25 years. He is most inspired by the events of our time. His subject matter comes from what is right in front of his eyes: the destruction of the World Trade Center, the Intifada uprising, the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. These are the collectively powerful moments that shape our lives and ideas. Liebeskind uses them in his own work. In trying to make some sort of sense of the chaos, interesting pictures often emerge.

In 2009, Liebeskind started "The Gift Project":http://www.thegiftproject.net/, a forum for sharing art in a non-commercial way. Liebeskind sent artwork out to people all over the world as gifts to be enjoyed for a short period of time. Those people would then pass them on to others and soon after, they would be passed on again. The art will travel and exchange ownership eternally. The Gift Project now has six artists participating and has plans to expand to many more artists in the future. The Gift Project is well on its way, establishing itself as a unique museum without walls, with a collection that is always on view and offers free admission to all.

See Bill's portfolio here

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