Liquid Angel

Piece description from the artist

My name is Ben, I'm 26, and I grew up in Colorado and spent some time on the west coast where I began painting. I have a passion for design and have been at it for 10 years. I also just finished dental school, and will be practicing dentistry to help pay the bills (ha!). Actually the freedom born of the disconnect from not having to support myself with art has allowed my creativity to grow in directions I could never have expected. Everything I put out is because I want to, not because I have to. That's a beautiful thing.

Other works by Ben Mollner

About Ben Mollner

Denver, CO

Ben Mollner grew up in Colorado and adopted design through his love of music at a young age. He began by designing album covers for homemade mix tapes before creating his own original designs. After spending some time on the west coast, Ben started adapting his digital design work with paint and canvas. Since then, he has launched his own website with a portfolio to include over forty large-scale paintings, various print media, skateboards, and a collection of artwork.

Though Ben has no formal art training and has not pursued art as a career, he is very passionate about each project. He also feels that the separation from art as a means of income has been critical in keeping his work true to his personal nature and musings.

Ben is currently an artist member at "Artwork Network": of Denver, Colorado, where he currently lives and works.

See Ben's portfolio here

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