Lightscape # 20

Piece description from the artist

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This thought guides me when photographing my minimalist series "Lightscapes". I compare the process while creating a piece to meditation. Reduced to its essence, memories and emotions, "Lightscape # 20" reflects my deep desire to be one with nature, to feel its energy and vibrant life. It is inspired by Marc Rothko's abstract paintings.

Other works by Lena Weisbek

About Lena Weisbek

Munich, Germany

Lena Weisbek is an award winning, self-taught photographer from Munich in Germany. She creates atmospheric and minimalist depictions of landscapes and natural motifs. Lena Weisbek studied Art and Communication Design, worked as a designer and art director before deciding to follow her passion – Photography.

Today, Lena Weisbek works in the genre of Art Photography, creates various series and develops concepts on themes that captivate her deep interests. She cultivates and refines thereby her own abstract and minimalist style. Lena's "slow" photographs with their subtle moods and details leave the viewer room for his own perception of a world behind the image, for contemplation and for the retreat from a hectic world.

Her work has been exhibited and is represented by galleries all over the world.
Lena Weisbek is Member of DVF – German Photography Association

“I want to reveal the soul of a landscape or an object, not by capturing a specific moment, but by showing its nature, its unique beauty, its poetry and its mystical mood.“ – Lena Weisbek

Lena Weisbek | Fine Art Photography | Awards

Intern. Minimalist Photography Awards 2019 | Category Fine Art | 2nd place
IPA – International Photo Awards 2019 | Category Fine Art | 3rd place
WPE – International Photographers Awards | Second Half 2020 | SILVER
The International Minimalist Awards 2020, Honorable Mention in the Category ABSTRACT
IPA – International Photo Awards 2020, Honorable Mention in the Category FINE ART
IPA – The International Photo Awards 2021, GOLD in the Category FINE ART / MINIMALISM
Neutral Density Photography Awards 2021, Honorable Mention in the Category NATURE

See Lena's portfolio here

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