Light through the clouds

Light through the Clouds

Piece description from the artist

Its been raining in Denver for a good month and a half. And during the heavy rain, this scene was inspired from. I could see the light coming through the clouds, and it was like nothing I had ever seen. The rays shot through the dark sky creating this incredible scene.

This painting means that no matter what light will always shine through the dark. I believe this to be Gods light. He is always there helping us along the way. I believe this scene depicts His unending influence on each of us. It is also a tribute to the majesty of our creator, one who holds all power to do all things, would scatter such light down on us. The me, this light is a gift.

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About Brandy Cattoor

Denver, CO

Brandy Cattoor finds motivation in portraying simple everyday scenes. Her work has been inspired by the Impressionist painters, and various artists such as Wayne Thiebaud, Charles Demuth, and Edward Hopper. Brandy graduated with a Bachelors degree of Fine Art in oil painting from Brigham Young University Idaho in 2011. She currently studies at the Art Students League of Denver. Brandy has completed commission work for portrait drawings and oil paintings. The artist is primarily interested in landscapes and architectural painting. She is also strongly attracted to intimate portraits and still life scenes. In addition to painting Brandy also enjoys making handmade paper products where her paper work has been shown at the Denver International Airport, and various other local shows. While the artist enjoys creating in various forms, painting remains a strong part of her. She says “When I am creating I feel a fullness of joy. It’s as if painting is part of my soul.” Brandy would like to have her work in various homes across the world, and hopes that her artwork will provide peace to others.

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