Life is but a dream

Life Is But A Dream

Piece description from the artist

In a cynical world, where the only thing sacred is the mind and power to dream – this is where you find yourself; lost in a world of make-believe and fairy tales. This is where you are powerful beyond belief. Where you soar to heights unimaginable. Where you are King or Queen. This is where we leave the troubles of modern day behind, and create magic!

Other works by Christopher Colon

About Christopher Colon

New York, NY

Christopher Colon graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2006 with a Bachelors Degree in graphic design. While continuing his studies, he started a T-shirt company called "bS Shirts" with another artist where he created original designs from his sketchbooks. He used the T-shirt as a platform to sell and display his artwork, and sold them on the streets of New York City.

His latest project focuses on taking the attention off of the T-shirts he prints on, by placing more attention on the designs themselves in a project called "Throne Of Dreams". Each design tells a story that takes the viewer on a journey through his experiences while dreaming.

Chris currently lives and works in Harlem, New York.

See Christopher's portfolio here

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