Library day

Library Day

Piece description from the artist

Books and reading have always been central in my life. I never got over how wonderful it is that you could go to a library and get as many books as you can carry! When I was a kid, library day was a day of excitement and the gathering of the riches of inspiration!.
Framed in a i.25" simple black frame with a subtle grey mat

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About Ellen Dreibelbis

Oakland, CA

Ellen Dreibelbis is attracted to everything from the cracks in the sidewalk to 14th century Russian icons. Because she loves to paint people of all races, the San Francisco Bay Area's rich, ethnic mix has been deeply inspiring for her. Ellen paints people because she believes that within the human figure lies a universal quality of oneness, something we can all recognize and resonate with. As Ellen goes about her daily activities she takes note of faces that fascinate her, taking care to remember details such as the particular way light falls across a person's head.

Ellen currently resides in Oakland, California, and her work has been featured in several museum and gallery shows.

See Ellen 's portfolio here

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