Let the sun shine

Let The Sun Shine

Piece description from the artist

I don't often do abstract paintings, although there are a lot of abstract elements in much of my work. I'm not exactly sure what qualifies as "abstract" but think this piece fits the category. Even when they turn out to be a disaster, I like to work on a painting with no pre-conceived idea of how it will turn out or what it will represent. I didn't see a face in this one until I started turning it around to decide the orientation I liked the best…it just took a few additional dabs to coax it to the surface.

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About Sharon Sieben

Mesa, AZ

Indiana born artist, Sharon Sieben, currently resides in Mesa Arizona. When she works at her easel she realizes that this act is a form of communication with others (prospective viewers) as well as a dialog with between herself and her inner self. She begins a piece by knowing what the subject matter will be, and eagerly waits to see what she is going to reveal about it. Often she thinks she will have a clear direction to take, then finds herself making twists and turns that she did not anticipate. She knows a piece is done when there is nothing more to say and she is filled with a sense of discovery.

Sharon is a very passionate prolific painter. She has always traveled extensively and feels this world view influences her art perspective and provokes much of her inspiration.

Sharon states that she prefers working with oils, and often incorporates other materials and mediums, such as gouache and acrylics , for special textures and interest.

She creates “larger than life” impressionist food and floral compositions in bold, splashy colors; but figurative subjects are her preference and contemporary nude paintings make up a large portion of her body of work

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