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"The Leading Theory Is, at the Beginning of the Universe, at the Big Bang, there were almost equal amounts of matter and antimatter. The two annihilated in the instant of the Big Bang and we are the leftovers. So everything you see around us today we believe is a leftover from the titanic annihilation of matter and antimatter at the beginning of the universe"— Michio Kaku, physicist.

This is a TurningArt exclusive limited edition print available in editions of 100.

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About Leslie Roades

Houston, TX

Leslie Roades is a visual artist and art educator living in Houston, Texas. She graduated in 2009 from Trinity University with a degree in Art and Art History, and in 2017 she received her M.F.A. in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Her interests in astronomy, biology, and psychology are the subjects of her art, and she has found her niche as an artist by combining natural forms in a surreal and mysterious way. The natural world and paint itself are her inspirations, and she plans to continue combining organic forms and patterns to create her own metaphors for the evolution and interconnection of the natural world.

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