Learning to grow

Learning to Grow

Piece description from the artist

She knew that, perhaps, the world would one day end. Fire, brimstone, ash, and twisted bodies would be all that was left. On the eve of her twenty-second birthday, she bent down and plucked a weed growing from the ground. Cupping it in her hand, she knew that life was the answer to death and from then on she would learn to grow, learn to live, and learn to change the world.

This is a TurningArt exclusive limited edition print available in editions of 100.

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About Casey David

Minneapolis, MN

Casey David is a self-taught photographer from Birmingham, Alabama, though he has recently relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota. He finds magic in the surreal and creates images of magical realism by bringing every day inanimate objects to life. With the worlds he creates, he hopes to spark hope in others that magic still exists in this one.

His fine art photography has been featured in various magazines, online and off, including The Huffington Post, Italian Vogue, and the BBC.

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