Lake taminah

Lake Taminah

Piece description from the artist

A secret crown jewel of Grand Teton National Park, Lake Taminah is a high alpine lake that can only be reached by traveling off-trail. You must be confident with your map, compass, sense of direction, and sense of adventure. You must be in top physical shape. I ran out of water hiking to this lake, and though I carried a water filter, found no water along the trail until I was already suffering from heat exhaustion. I climbed false summit after false summit and just before I decided to turn around, I arrived. I cried at the very sight of this lake. Its beauty. Its challenge. And I was only soul there all day long.

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About Meghan Hill

Silverthorne, CO

Meghan Hill is an avid adventurer and photographer who loves documenting her travels. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Cinema/Photography from Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. Much of Meghan's photography comes from her adventures in the mountains of Colorado, offering a perspective that many people do not often get to see or experience. Some of her proudest work includes her night-sky photography. Meghan's work is constantly evolving according to her outdoor interests, but her ultimate goal is to continue to share the inspiring beauty of wilderness landscape in the hopes it can be hung on walls in places where nature in minimal, such as metropolitan cities and areas with high levels of light pollution.

"Once destroyed, nature's beauty cannot be repurchased at any price" – Ansel Adams

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