Laguna Beach

Piece description from the artist

This is one of my all time favorite paintings. I completed it in just one sitting after a magical day at Laguna Beach, laying in the sand, playing in the tide pools and eating ceviche in a gazebo on the cliffs above. Simple, lyrical and evocative, it captures everything I want to say about the meeting of earth and tide. It hung over my bed for well over 4 years before entering a private collection, where I am fortunately granted regular visiting rights!

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About Briana Lyon

Yorba Linda, CA

Briana Lyon is a boundary breaking artist who uses art, land, and design as her canvas. She began her work as an avante garde painter and has exhibited her work in private collections across North America, most notably she was hosted for a visual artist residency at the prestigious Banff Centre. She also worked with renowned artist Gordon Halloran in the creation of the massive "Ice Gate 2010" for the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. In addition to her personal art practice, Briana is a sought-after art historian and analyst. She has traveled the world researching contentious paintings for authentication.

Raised in Los Angeles, California, she splits her life between her home state and British Columbia, Canada. Her fascination with plant life ran parallel to her art career. A deeply trained permaculture designer, Briana has spent the last decade studying experimental ecologies, environmental decay, the transformation of organic systems, and natural paint making processes. Soil, plants, and land have become her second canvas as a means to heal both people and the planet. Her experimental land art projects and forest installations are used for private, commercial, and public benefit. In 2014 she founded C A L I F I A E C O Designs, a boutique landscape firm, to make ecological design attractive and accessible to conscious home and business owners.

Briana Lyon has studied at Art Center College of Design, Dodge School of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University, The University of British Columbia and Verge Permaculture Design Institute. She currently resides in British Columbia with her daughter on 1.5 acres of pristine land.

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