Lady of Peace

Piece description from the artist

It was a perfect day and I was sitting in front of a coffee shop when I sketched the rough of this piece in my sketchbook. This woman's face was so beautiful and peaceful, I knew I had to expand it to a more finished work. I went directly to my studio and got to work with my watercolors. I hope who ever looks at this work feels calm and happiness in their life.

About Andrew Wilson

Long Beach, CA

Andrew's earliest memories are associated with drawing. When he was in elementary school he would spend most of his time drawing comics and coloring cartoons. Later, in high school, Andrew began to pore over art history books, constantly searching for new inspiration. In college Andrew illustrated for the school newspaper, sometimes creating seven illustrations in one night. The work was fast and riveting. He loved the challenge of meeting deadlines. Currently, Andrew teaches art, and art history to high school students and uses every spare moment to work in his sketchbook and explore ideas and inspirations.

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