Korean war memrial

Korean War Memorial

Piece description from the artist

I had always had trouble taking a photo of the Korean War Memorial that I felt did it justice. On a cold winter's morning, the sun was just starting to rise behind the Washington Monument, I finally captured an image that did. When you view the memorial in its entirety, the reflections of the 19 solders appear on the black granite wall which gives the appearance of a total of 38 among the etchings – symbolic of the 38 months of the war as well as the 38th parallel.

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About Judith Rawcliffe

Augusta, NJ

Judy is a native of Northwest New Jersey, currently living in the Washington, DC area. Growing up, Judy was introduced to the creative world by her Aunt Rose Papaleo, who was a renowned oil painter. While her children were still in school, Judy designed and published a number of counted cross stitch patterns under the name of Willow Ridge Designs. Although Judy has always had an interest in photography, it wasn't until many miles walked with a new puppy that the real spark was lit, brought on by a fascination with the shapes, colors, and textures of mushrooms. When Judy made the move to Alexandria, VA, she made many trips into DC taking in and photographing the city. In August 2019 and February 2020, Judy was selected to showcase her work with RAW: Natural Born Artists – an organization that introduces local creatives to the local community and beyond – representing the Washington, DC area. More recently, Judy has turned her eye to her true passion – nature photography, while exploring the many state & national wildlife parks in Virginia.

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