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Jones' latest series of triangulated paintings pays tribute to a new way of viewing the portrait. Her work begins… not in the digital and not in the physical, but in the mix that our minds make of the two. Portraiture has been around since the beginning of time as testaments of power and status. Today you can own your own portrait as kings and queens did back in the day. Angie's geometrical portraits are modern abstractions representing our 8-bit, computer generated counter culture. In spite of the stuffy painted faces of the Renaissance, these portraits shift from an academic approach to portrait painting and embrace a modern take to representation. Thus, the title for the series "About-Face." Jones is creating something new, from something old and making it new again. In DFA's words " Too old to be new, too new to be classic."Using abstraction and complex color theories, Jones reinvents what a portrait is and can be. Influenced by the genres of Abstract Expressionism, Fauvist Painting, and Post-Impressionism, she mixes these with my modern day sitters. The subjects are all friends and art comrades, mostly living at the Brewery Arts Complex where Angie lives and works. The photograph also gives her the freedom to reinterpret the image. Her 20 year career in Visual Effects, Video Games and Animation inspires the "peak shift" palette and abstraction of persona through paint.

About Angie Jones

Los Angeles, CA

Angie Jones is a contemporary American artist residing in Los Angeles. She moved to California in 1995 to work as an animator in the motion picture industry. After two decades working on award winning Hollywood Blockbusters, Jones returned to more traditional mediums and original content.

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