Kitchen aid mixer

Kitchen Aid Mixer – Experiment #1

Piece description from the artist

The connections between the earth, atmosphere, and water have always been at the core of my creative work. Physically, these ideas are represented in my choice of materials. The watercolor pigments I use come from the earth: they are not synthetically produced and are affected by the amount of water I use and the atmospheric conditions of the space I am working in. These material relationships, along with the force of human nature, are something I am currently exploring in my work.

Kitchen Aid Mixer – Experiment #1
Various and irregular circles appear uniform when repeated. This was created by attaching a brush to a Kitchen Aid hand mixer and letting the machine “do the work.”

This is a TurningArt exclusive limited edition print available in editions of 100.

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About Alicia Purdy

New York, NY

Alicia grew up in Pawling, New York and trained at the Hartford Art School and the University of Massachusetts. She creates work with pattern and resonance, and she often thinks on microscopic levels to tackle issues that are far larger. With this in mind, Alicia uses geometric lattices and patterns as frameworks to create visual representations of problems that result from human interactions with their environment. The geometric patterns she constructs are fraught with problems themselves, paralleling how our tendency to control our environment often results in chaos, degradation or fragmentation.

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