Kinship 10

Piece description from the artist

The paint on "Kinship 10" was applied in many layers with a very tiny 3×0 brush about the width of a toothpick. This meticulous layering builds up rich deep colors that seem to float just above the surface of the painting. I know a painting is finished when it allows my eyes to flow across the surface without getting snagged by any one detail. Once my eyes can roam continuously without interruption, the painting becomes a portal that allows my mind to roam.

Denise Driscoll's "Kinship 10" is a 24 × 18 inch abstract painting on panel in vibrant saturated teal, red, hot pink, lime green, orange and sky blue with touches of white and indigo in a rich matte surface. A riot of multicolored ovals intersect and overlap to create webs and tangles that seem to float and hover. The sides of this painting are sky blue and it is signed on the reverse.

Other works by Denise Driscoll

About Denise Driscoll

Lowell, MA

Denise Driscoll’s paintings begin with the premise that all living things are connected in an intricate mesh of being, yet each occupies the center of their own world. These simultaneous centers of lived experience swirl within and around us, piercing, enveloping, and permeating with or without our notice. Holding questions about symbiosis, coexistence, and sentience while working, Driscoll grasps at the awareness that we live in a clash of porous and conflicting worlds. She uses bright rich color to create dynamic, mesmerizing spaces without a focal point. Each painting becomes an imaginary map of exchange: a playful, hopeful vision of our interconnected lives.

Driscoll is a multidisciplinary artist who uses painting, installation, and collaborative practice to explore interconnection, inner experience, and invisible social structures. Driscoll is a SOLO 2017 winner at Bromfield Gallery and a Curatorial Opportunity Grant recipient at the New Art Center in 2009. Her paintings and collaborative projects have graced community centers, corporate lobbies, university galleries, commercial galleries, and breweries throughout New England. Her work is in many private and public collections including Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Whitney Veigas, Bancroft Lofts, Stanford University, Emory University Hospital, UMass Memorial Medical Center, Dover-Sherborn Middle School, and Elsewhere Collaborative. Driscoll holds an MFA in Visual Arts from Lesley Art + Design (2007). She is represented by Fountain Street Gallery in Boston and maintains a studio in Lowell, MA where she lives and works.

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