King Pakal's journey to the underworld

Piece description from the artist

This represents the lid of King Pakal's tomb in Palenque.

King Pacal ruled Palenque, Mexico for 68 years from age 12-80. On the lid of his sarcophagus represents Pacal's journey. Pacal begins a journey sitting inside of a bowl of sacrifice at the base of Wakachan Tree (Milky Way/The World Tree) he rises to the sky and Xibalba (underworld) and is Reborn as the Maize God (of eternal life) .

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About Ozzie Carmona

San Pedro, CA

Ozzie Carmona is a native of Los Angeles and makes his living as a visual effects artist in the film industry. In an effort to get back to his roots, Ozzie started drawing; his art inspired him to create a new method of representing the culture of the Mexicans, Aztecs, and Mayans.

His paintings endeavor to portray a positive perception of current events, and also to create the awareness that his Mexican ancestors were great inventors, mathematicians, astrologers,and artists. Ozzie exhibits in festivals and art fairs all across L.A., many of which are dedicated to Mexico's Day of the Dead holiday and the artwork it inspires.

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